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Written by: Karen Gottschall on Nov 1 2011, 8:30am

Printer Profile for Hallmark Photo Greeting Card Stock?

I just purchased Hallmark Half-fold Glossy Premium Blank Photo Greeting Card Stock.  When I try to print on my Epson 2200 using the Epson Glossy Paper prorile, the colors are drab, expecially the blacks.  I suspect that I need a print profile that is keyed to the Hallmark paper.  Can you please tell me where I can find the right profile or if there is something else I need.  I created the card using Photoshop,

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Robby E. says:


As far as I know of, there is no such "print profile" for the Hallmark paper.  Also, I do not think those profiles actually control anything in regards to the color.  Typically, all that does is let the printer know how to adjust the feed rollers on the printer.  So, selecting a regular paper stock profile, the printer knows that the paper inserted into the printer will have a certain thickness and a surface that is not slick.  Whereas the "glossy paper" profile tells the printer that the paper has a slick surface and may be thicker than regular paper.  It then uses that information to make an adjustment to the feed rollers.

I must point out that I am no expert on Epson printers.  So, I may be entirely off about this when it comes to your printer.  On your printer, it may very well have some sort of impact on the colors.  I cannot say for certain.  I just know that in most printers, something like that does not actually adjust anything with the colors while printing.



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