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Written by: Dennis Neff on Apr 9 2013, 3:39pm

Install Ultimate app pack 2 premium on nexus 7

I have tried to follow the instructions to install the "Ultimate App Pack 2 Premium" on my new Nexus 7. It was purchased through HSN with this app pack. I am having trouble and cannot download the apps. Now I cannot get back to the screen to download. I need help. It is sad that I cannot get support from this company.

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Arthur K. says:

Hello Dennis,

Did the files download and not install? Or are they not even downloading to the tablet itself?
If they are downloading, but not installing, this is because you need to first install a  File Manager. You can go to the Play Store and do a search for File Manager as there are several free ones to select from. I suggest reading the reviews and selecting the one you find most appealing.

Once the File Manager is installed, use the File Manager to navigate to the SD card on your device. This is where the download is saved to.
Once you are viewing the SD card, open the Download folder and you should find your downloaded files there. You should then be able to install them with the File Manager.  



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